Scenic Short

Short compilation of scenic shots that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks cut to Earlybirds beautiful track Dew.

I wanted to get some practice filming wildlife shots in case I decided to attempt the wildlife masters degree in third year. Another main interest of mine is music videos – this gave me the perfect opportunity to practice cutting to a soundtrack.


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Wildlife Macro filming workshop with Dave Neal

In today’s workshop the aim was to build a small set in which we could film shot of bugs and insects as if they were in the wild. This meant literally going out around campus and gathering soil, leaves, rocks and twigs as well as live bugs.

Equipment –

  • Dedo lights – good for backlighting – don’t get too hot
  • Diva light – overall light
  • FS700 camera
  • 15 mil rails to support the lens weight
  • Canon EF – sony E mount adapter
  • 100 mil Canon macro lens
  • 2 X converter – creates 200mil macro lens
  • Kenko extension tube
  • screen

Once our equipment and set were arranged we tested out the different lenses on different bugs . Macro’s biggest enemy is shallow depth of field High F.# – shots are darker. Solution is to add more lighting but you have to be careful as the heat can literally fry the insects when shooting in macro.

I found that when filming in extreme macro, achieving a consistently focused shot is very difficult, I had to constantly re-adjust to maintain any form of focus.

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Sofar Sounds!

Sofar went off without a hitch! We are eagerly awaiting the sound mix so we can begin editing! But for now…here are some photos!

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Image Layering in photography

As cinematography is something I’d like to specialise in, in the future I feel it is important for me to improve my photography skills, as understanding image composition vital when it comes to film-making.


Tierney Gearon

Tierney Gearon

I’ve been looking at image layering, and the effect it can have on the meaning of a photograph, what story it is aiming to tell.

My research led me to Tierney Gearon who uses image layering to create a playfulness within his work by putting together images that wouldn’t necessarily interact in  real life.


Tierney Gearon

Another artist that I came across is Florian Imgrund, who uses layering in monochrome portraiture.



The most commonly used programme for re-creating this kind of effect digitally is Adobe Photoshop – unfortunately half the programmes on my computer have decided to stop working so I downloaded a free image editing software called Gimp which is essentially a simplified version of Photoshop.

Here are some examples of layered imagery that I have created…

Some of the pictures above were created by altering the transparency of the top layer (the portrait). I wanted to create an unusual composition so I went about taking photographs of things found in my house, the background image is of fat, dried onto tinfoil (student house eugh!) I really like the shapes the fat created, so took a series of photographs from different angles and layered them with images of people that I had taken previously – no this is not meant to suggest something about the subject!! I just like the way it looks 🙂 Other examples are created with layering of landscape images and portraits.

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Slow Sincro and Acetate Photography Experiments

Short photography experiment conducted using a slow sincro setting and acetate held over the lense to catch the light.

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Sofar Sounds Film Crew, Equipment List, Lineup.

As I have already Mentioned, Sofar Session will be taking place in my flat and will be filmed and edited by my flatmates and I, the porject will be fully collaborative, each of us has roles we are more attuned to but we will all be assisting each other on every aspect of the project.

Film Crew:

  • Maryam Anibaba – Camera, Sound, Editing
  • Charlie Evans – Camera, Editing, Lighting
  • Lucy Croft – Camera, Sound, Editing
  • Peter Moran – Camera, Editing
  • Ella Woollgar – Camera, Lighting, Editing

Equipment List –

  • Panasonic 101
  • Dedo Light Kit
  • HD tripod
  • Audio Mixer
  • Pro Mic Kit
  • Shotgun Mic
  • Projector
  • Tascam x 2
  • Mic stands x 2
  • Camera Shoulder Support
  • Standard Tripod x 2

Lineup –

  • Johnny Sly
  • Alex Wells
  • Half Crown
  • Rosie Rowland
  • Syd Arthur (oh my god!!!)

It’s all coming together! Stay tuned for photos and videos from the setup!

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what is aperture?

Aperture is ‘the size of the opening in the lens when a picture is taken.’

A lense is designed to collect light. The aperture of a lens is the diameter of the lens opening. The larger the diameter, the more light reaches the image. Aperture is measured in F-stop, usually shown as F-number e.g. F2.5, the smaller the F-stop number the larger the lens opening. Moving the F-stop to the next doubles or halves the size of the opening.

I’ve experimented with aperture before but I wanted to completely clarify its purpose. I intend to go out and take some photographs or shoot some small pieces of film with different apertures to fully equip myself with this skill.

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